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The Fresh Label offers unmatched seafood solutions and services that are specifically tailored to enhance your business.

Processing Systems & Solutions


At The Fresh Label, we recognize the importance of sourcing the finest seafood that meets the highest standards of freshness, sustainability, and taste. Our staff has gone through extensive training to hand select and inspect your seafood to ensure that only the freshest fishes and the best cuts reach your hands.

Cutting, Slicing & Packaging

Choose your preferred cuts and pick a variety of packaging options! We offer customised cutting and slicing options for your seafood.

Whole Fish   |   Fillet   |   Butterfly   |   Bullets or Rounds   |   Steak   |   Tail

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Cold Room Storage

We provide short and long-term temperature-controlled storage solutions for all commodities awaiting further production, trading, and inspection. Our cold room facility houses up to 30 tonnes of inventory in a controlled temperature so you can save space, money, and carbon footprint.


Cold Chain Logistics

The Fresh Label offers temperature-controlled transportation options for free, included with all wholesale purchases. We process your orders, package and ship it straight to your door!

The Fresh Label Restaurant Business Consultancy

Food Service Consultancy

Eager to start your own F&B business but not sure where or how to start? Our team of experts are here to help you build and plan your business from scratch! We also consult existing businesses and come up with new solutions to help ease your day-to-day workflow!

1. Food Costs & Budgeting
2. Manpower Costs & Budgeting
3. Location & Rentals
4. F&B Business Set Up
5. Menu Creation

Fresh Lobster

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