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Clams Scallop and Mussels

Our Products

The Fresh Label proudly boasts an extensive and diverse selection of sustainably sourced fresh and frozen seafood, meats, and an array of frozen foods that cater to the evolving culinary needs of our customers.

Hotel Restaurant and Bar

Our Customers

​We serve a diverse range of industries from small and large establishments. We understand that each company faces different challenges and requires unique solutions and we aim to solve them for you.


We provide a wide variety of top-quality seafood, meats, and frozen foods so your culinary team can create delicious menu offerings.

Home-Based Businesses

Make your dish planning and prepping hassle- free with our pre-cut, pre-sliced, and packaged products, delivered straight to your doorstep!


We carry a wide range of quality sustainable seafood, meats, and frozen food options with delivery options that cater to your specific volume and requirements so you can deliver unforgettable meals.

Catering Businesses

We offer a diverse product variety along with pre-cut and sliced seafood, meats, and frozen food options to enhance efficiency in your kitchen operations.

Halal Restaurants

Our seafood, meats, and frozen food are sourced from halal-certified suppliers, guaranteeing your restaurant meets the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Zi Char Stalls & Economic Rice Stall Chains

We offer a large variety of seafood and meats at competitive pricing which makes us a popular choice amongst Economic Rice Stall Chains and Zi Char Stalls. We count famous chains like Feng Sheng Cai Feng, Hong Kong Street, Kimly and Broadway amongst our customers.


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