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Established in 2019, The Fresh Label is a rapidly growing seafood distribution and processing company. During our early days just after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the shores of Singapore, we realized the importance of securing resilient seafood supplies with the closure of Jurong Fishery Port. The Fresh Label team combed the whole of Malaysia and South Thailand farms to secure stable supplies of seafood, while setting up the logistics chain to ensure that our customers still have access to fresh and good quality seafood.

In the past 3 years, we have grown significantly with funding from 8 Seas Aquaculture ( and in 2023, we will be expanding to a bigger location that will allow us to serve even more customers. The Fresh Label is also taking a lead in the sustainability approach for seafood imports. Currently, over 50% of all seafood sold is from farmed seafood, and we are working hard to achieve the goal of increasing this figure to 80% by 2025.


Our Mission
& Vision

We are committed to become your trusted partner in always providing you with good quality seafood and meats at a competitive pricing.

As we value sustainable production and consumption of seafood, we aim to take the lead in becoming the largest supplier of sustainably farmed fishes in Singapore. We strive to constantly innovate with the latest technologies to serve our customers better.

Our Strengths


Where We Source Our Seafood


We are as fresh as it gets!

The Fresh Label

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